Custom dashboard project – Help needed on my approach

Hi everyone :wave:

I’ve started a personal project for my smart home setup, a custom dashboard that will first be displayed on an android tablet.

I know, not very original BUT, the reasons why are the following:

  • I am a designer, and I’d like to fully customize the UI and experience
  • I have a Homey Pro with almost most of my devices connected to it
  • I have Home Assistant running on a RBPi for only one device that is not compatible with Homey
  • I don’t want the dashboard to be a mosaic of controls, but a hub with news, photos, etc… more lifestyle in a way

I know how to code, mainly in JS (front/backend), CSS, PHP and Python. I already had a look at existing solutions, on this forum but also everywhere else.

Although it is written in Ruby, Smashing (GitHub - Smashing/smashing: The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework in Ruby and Coffeescript.) is extremely close to what I need: existing basic widgets and the possibility to create new ones very easily (data source → display). I have written down Dashy (GitHub - Lissy93/dashy: 🚀 A self-hostable personal dashboard built for you. Includes status-checking, widgets, themes, icon packs, a UI editor and tons more!) as well, but haven’t got the chance to try yet.

What do you folks think? Do you have experience with these custom dashboard solutions?

The second point I’d like to get your input on, is the connection of Homey and Home Assistant. I’ve explored and lost myself with MQTT and find it extremely confusing and tedious… I’m sure they are APIs for both platforms, but not sure about their limitations for local custom dashboards. Knowing as well that it will be mainly GET requests (display info) but also POST (e.g. trigger button).

Again here, what your approach would be in my case?

Thanks in advance!

Note: I’ll use that topic to showcase my progress as much as possible

If you’re looking in to Smashing, I wrote an Homey app for it a while back, which makes the integration a bit easier.

Hi @OlaEriksson! I am very interested yes. Do you have a github for it? Thanks

No, but app is in homey appstore.