Great Idea for Homey Dashboard

Hello Everyone,

I am still struggling to get a good dashboard for an iPad. All the interfaces that I have found it not what I am looking for. Everything we need is in place on the Home App. The only thing that is missing is platform to adjust the icons or controls.

For example, if I could upload a drawing or template and use this as background. The I want to put the “light” icons in the right place with the controls next to it (think about, Smoke alarms, door sensors, coffee machine, television, everything!!). And then use several layers for the First floor, Garden, etc. As far as I know all the logic’s and controls are already part of the flow editor. Instead of making cards, just drag them into the template.

Just all the functionality in one place and covered in the Homey App. Is this an idea or just wishful thinking? I really hope something like this will be developed soon…

Kind Regards, Dennis


Almost sounds like a Floorplan!


Exactly! Just keep it clear and simple. It would be great if Homey Insights is also implemented!


I think a lot of Homey users are waiting for that.
In fact, I think it promoted the sale of the Homey’s

There are way more customizable solutions than Homey dash. There are MQTT apps for homey. This opens up an universal communication protocol that can be used by several other applications.

I personally use Node-red for my dashboard, and customized my dashboard exactly to my taste.

I’ve made a compete tutorial how you can create this:

But there are also other solutions with MQTT. One is OpenHab, but I do not have any experience with it.


Thanks! I really going to try this out!!