Homey App [IOS and Android]

Looking at Dashboards etc for a new house build.

Will the Homey App {IOS or Android] capable of looking intellengent to run a double storey house, so you can turn lights on and off etc…

For example - Living Room - Lights, AIr Con, Blinds

Wanting to use a Google Hub in the kitchen and an iPad at the entry Foyer.

thanks in advance

Using Homeydash on tablet you can control almost everything.

Have looked at HomeyDash {only through the forums]

What I want is a menu system like Control 4 to control the rooms etc.

Nested via Floor, Room and Items (eg. Lights, TV, fireplace etc)

eg. Middle Floor - Living Room - Lights - Options 9Turn on/Off/dimm

Wife does not want all the techo goop … Just straight functionality

As you can understand (the techie goods can be a button) etc.

So far nothing better than Homeydash available. But if you want to make your house WAF ready, then you should nit change the way how to control lights, ac, heating etc compared to as is control. Just extend existing functionality to be smart (modules behind regular switch, smart implants, regulat thermostat with zwave/wifi connectivity)…
This way, tablet control will be limited.

I disagree:

You can make as many dashboards as you want, you can cast them to a Hub or an Ipad.

Ok, I thought we are talking about end user solutions without need to know mqqt integration, programing and server setup. Then possibilities are limitless :wink:.

I thought only his wife didn’t want techie stuff, only a userfriendly interface. I reckoned TS himself might enjoy the dashboard. But you’re right. Homeydash is the only out-of-the-box dashboard.


THis is what the wife wants. Maybe using Control 4 would be easier (more costly)

A simple dashboard/menu’s to show each room/floor and options.

Middle Floor - Kitchen - Lights
- Bedroom 2, Air con, Lights, blinds
- Bedroom 3, Air con, Lights, blinds
Bottom Floor - Media Room - Air Con, Ligts, Blinds
- Bedroom 4, Air con, Lights, blinds
Front of HOuse - Door Bell, Video Camera, Lights
Pool Area, - Pool Loghts, Exterior Lights


No extra hardware needed

Looks like a massive limitiaton of Homey and their developers (not community) not interested in the professional/upmarket market AT ALL!

Based on a Athom Blog… this is supported

Your home is not so simple

Homey is very unique in supporting your home’s zones hierarchically. We took this concept even further by showing all devices in a specific zone, and its underlying zones.

By default the Devices screen shows all your devices. Tapping the title shows your zones. Selecting a zone shows the devices in that zone.

For example, selecting First Floor shows all devices in First Floor , but also Bedroom , Bathroom and Study, as these are part of the First Floor. And saying “Turn off all devices on the first floor” as speech command finds those devices and turns them off.

You can install the app and run a demo if I’m not wrong…

hi… have installed the APP and asks for homey ip credentials

but I don’t have one yet!

So can’t try

If you have used/use control 4 then I wouldn’t look at homey at all
It’s not for professional use nor is it stable.

Personally I recommend something like domoticz or home assistant.

Coming from crestron to home assistant to homey and after a month went back to home assistant.

It is / will be possible to run the Homey app on a tablet / iPad as well. The beta version is in the apple and google stores so should hopefully be releases soon.

Yes, this is supported. You can also open the homey app on a tablet and select a certain floor or room. It will then show the devices in that room. It works perfectly for turning devices on and off and similar functions, if that’s all that you are looking for.

But I don’t think that’s what you want. For this to work, you’ll have to unlock the tablet, open the homey app, click on the ‘devices’ tab and then select the floor or room. Works on your phone, but not suited for a wall-mounted tablet. That’s why I’m trying the MQTT-dashboard. I can simply cast that to a google Nest Hub. I’m not looking into wall mounted tablets (yet).

How do you currently display dashboards (if any)?

I use home Assistant with the mqtt hub app, and created my own dashboard

Looks good! I’ve never used Home Assistant, so maybe some basic questions, but:

Is that a tablet? Is the screen always visible? Or does it unlock when motion is detected or do you manually have to unlock it? And is the dashboard visible when unlocked, or do you have to start an app or something?

Hi Guys.

I am currently in the the gathering data for implementation into our new house build.

Looks like I will have to learn to write a basic Dashboard (but dont’ want to have any other hardware running except for the Homey)

Really want the house menu to be displayed by default! (will Athom do this!)

Wall mounted tablets at front entry and main lounge room (to control house) and they will dedicated devices powered by in via PoE (safety).

The concepts and potential functionality is huge especially with Flows and IFTTT integrations, but I am still feeling that the Athom saying like 50,000* products are supported seems to be a bit rich! - so many new products on the market has a list ever been seen what is REALLY supported (as a lot of the apps are public developers)

Love to know where Athom are heading and their future development plans

Don’t we all.

We heard you like it big… That’s why you can now use Homey on your tablet. Just like with the smartphone app, you can easily add devices, create Flows, and make it your home - but on a bigger screen.
Quote from Homey app in Google App Store

You seem decided on Homey… is there a reason ? It maybe right for you but just wanted to know what got you here.

A bit of background on you and your coding abilities might be useful too. Do you want to create this system or prefer something that just works?

Control 4 can be quite costly, is that a consideration ?