Homey App [IOS and Android]

Currently renovating an existing house that will become a trophy home in Australia.

3 Level House with several iPads for control connected via PoE

Wifi Network is supported by a Netgear MR63 Wifi6 Mesh Network

Wanting to make it a Tech Geek Hub!

I have no coding experience (only a basic understanding) but am totally able to use logic and cut and paste to get things working form the web… Quite a quick learner (but no expert)

Main concern is the ability to ensure seamless operation.

Yes, could go Control 4 or CBus, but believe it is a waste of money, considering integrating into Google is more cost effective and future proof.

Main issues of compatibility are as follows:

  1. Somfy Blinds or equivalent (hardwired not re-chargeable).
  2. Air Con integration (This Area needs huge work!) - several slim line aircon units (no cavity for ducted)
  3. Lighting (Aeotec) - seems a perfect fit
  4. Pool lighting etc… seems like a smart implant etc
  5. Solar - just need to make the right choices
  6. Fireplace (Electric) - Integrates with Google but can not get API from US fireplace company (https://www.modernflames.com.au/electric-fireplaces/built-in/landscape-pro-slim/)… (might need to packet sniff)
  7. Kitchen Appliance - Miele not supported (nor Smart YET!)

Its coming together

Sounds like quite a project !

One fundamental - Make sure you’re happy with your control method for devices, switches, lights; wired, wireless (Z-Wave, Zigbee etc.). If you decide on a wired path make sure you get that cabling in now as cable retrofit is not a good place to be.

I used Crestron originally (self installed) but then had to move because of them removing access to their software. I now have a hybrid controller system in which Homey has a role.

One thing to mention is, aside from the obstacles of ‘myXYZdevice’ support, the biggest time consumer is UI design. It is an endless task but fun. It is important that your controllers support a mechanism to do this of course and you have the mindset. A good looking UI design is not easy to achieve for us mere mortals. Multiple independent touch screen controllers onto Homey will require a LOT of effort and knowledge. Cut and paste example code isn’t going to be an option.

I use C-Bus here - quite a large lighting, heating and sensor install with touchscreens. I have integrated that with one of my controllers and they all communicate via MQTT. The C-Bus touchscreens/controllers can also interact with the rest of my system via MQTT and have http access. I do have another frontend as well (HomeAssistant)

My approach has been to create standalone automation functionality like lighting, heating, security, audio, video. These work without a controller but I supplement their functionality with my automation. Thus if I have a bad coding day and break things or am away from home it all still basically works. Keeps the family onside :wink:

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Yes, it is a big project, thats why it has to be done right the 1st time!

Agree totally with your comments abut lighting, video, cams etc… all seem to be fine with Homey!!!

Our technology mix is primarly Wifi and Z-Wave Plus [plus depends on what technology the blinds work on]

Hardware is primarly: Aeotec
Exterior Cameras (Netatmo Presense - because of the look) [Hoping that I can access the flood light from Homey!]
Aircon - might have to use IFTTT
Curtains - might have to use IFTTT as SOmfy is OTT!
Front Door Lock - DanaLock
Fireplace - ??? may need code written for base functionality [on/off] -can link to Google Home
Pool + Pool Area - tba
Front Door - Ring (hardwired)
Controller - 3 x PoE Ipads running Homey iOS App
Kitchen - Miele oven - might have to get basic app [camera in oven] - not sure if it has IFTT compatinility. [Miele 3rd Party API Version 1.0.0 https://www.miele.com/developer/ ]

Its just the beginning!

Can’t wait to test the integration of looking up the number plate and opening the garage door… just have to figure out a flow idea to close the garage door.

Question — Is it easy to setup eg. multiple blinds for each room if I have to use IFTTT for each one of them??