Is there any good dashboards for Homey in 2021?

It’s 2021 and it’s still no decent way to control Homey for others than the owner I.e. guests etc.

What you would expect would be a solution similar to this one for Smartthings:

Not sure how many users there are out there using Homey today but it should be enough of a crowd so a developer would be interested in creating something.

And we don’t have to mention homeydash as a solution in this thread because it is already discussed elsewhere on this forum. I am trying to find something that is more similar to e.g. the SharpTools one.


Well, contacting the developers of this apparently multi platform paid dashboard is probably more helpful then offending those that maintain and improve Homedash saying it’s not decent. They do this for free or kind donations.

Or you could give some friendly suggestions on how to improve it, by stating what you miss. Maybe someone can help you realize your use cases if you ask nicely.


Sorry it was not the intention to offend anyone here. Homeydash is always the answer in old posts on this forum and it’s 2021 now and hopefully there are better options out there.

The question is still: Is there any dashboard option for Homey that is equivalent to e.g the SharpTools one?


Just used the search function:

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There is no good dashboard or app for HOMEY.

It s horrible. Can put the rooms where i want, cannot show camera live stream, flows are bad idea as they all show.
If you want the greatest app or dashboard check Samsung smartthings it s the besti have found for years in iot.

I wish i could bring devices to st but it s not possible as st has only few devices compatible.


Thank you for bringing these up to attention. So there are “hacky” workarounds but how reliable are they? Are you using any of these yourself/have you used any? If so, what is your experience?

Hi, yes I have also looked at SmartThings and their dashboard capabilities. It would be great if you could use other solutions dashboards in combo with Homey. I do really favor Homey when it comes to simplicity and no need to hack around like crazy. Everyone knows that those solutions where you need to custom configure things usually falls short over time.

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No, I don’t need a dashboard so far.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, the non hackey Google nest hub?

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Yes I have one of those too but it’s not having enough features and also not wall mountable.

No, There are no viable dashboard solution.

I have been using Homey for many years now and I’m started to feel that I need to change to HAS or something else because the automation is just one part. We are many that want / needs control panels with different type of information and everything with MQTT and Node Red is a nightmare to maintain.

I think this dashboard issue with Homey is growing bigger and bigger and I also convinced that it’s a deal breaker for many. That’s why some open source solutions keeps growing.

Homey could be de facto standard if they wanted to,


I decided to leave Homey after 5 years due to the very low focus on end user feedback. They do what they want but it’s moving in the wrong direction.

So many great building blocks to grow from.

What is needed:

  • better support for dashboards
  • better presence support
  • better hardware. Skip that round hard to place device that has poor range especially for zwave and no external antennas and it completely relies om wifi
  • improved stability for backups which tend to fail for no obvious reasons

All in all I hope it develops in to more premium. I will continue to pay for the subscription and will keep monitoring…

Until then I’m running Home Assistant and my homey is stored in a (big) drawer


Vote here to get Sharptools to support Homey.


Looks like Sharptools is finally reaching out to Athom: Homey Integration Discussion - (web) - SharpTools Community

It would be great if this resulted in an integration.