Dashboard like fibaro


I’m thinking about the fibaro dashboard on how freakishly good it looks and why homey doesn’t really have a good working dashboard.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have let’s say an Ipad with a good looking dashboard on the wall to control the house when you come home or just to have that option. Because let be honest, the homey app on iOS isn’t really any fun.
I know it’s all about the flows but there haves to be a few skilled people out there who is longing for a dashboard that we all can use :smirk:

you mean something like homeydash.com?
Or like a Node Red dashboard?

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With Node Red or Home Assistant you can create something like this in no time.

Example Node Red:

Of course, switches or sliders are also possible. You can position the ads freely and build your own individual dashboard that can be accessed from any browser in your network.

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