[APP] Dashboard controller

Dashboard Controller for Homey

App Store Page : nl.xseth.dashboardctrl



You can now use your Homey to control your IoT dashboards. Use Homey to load sites, dashboards or other applications and control your screen (on/off, brightness). You can even use your device as a security camera.

I personally use it to:

  • Start the day with showing a news site so that I can read up on the headlines
  • Show the dashboard, but if I leave and rain is detected startup the local rain alarm app.
  • Automatically turn screen of when I’m not home
  • When a device is playing music from Spotify, launch the Spotify app so that I can control the music.

Supported devices

Currently only Android devices are supported via Fully Browser.

Hopefully in the future more drivers will be added.


Install and configure Fully Browser

Install Fully Browser from Google Playstore. Please consider buying a PLUS license key to support the authors of this app. Open the app and configure at least the following options.

  • enable remote administration and set a password (this is required).
  • enable motion detection if you want to use the device as a security camera.
  • Enable all required permissions, it is a lot but this ensures that Fully browser will continue to run

Add your Fully Browser device in Homey

After you have set up Fully Browser on your Android device you can add it as device within Homey like any other device. You will need to fill in the URL (e.g., password and a poll frequency. The default polling frequency is 15 seconds. You can find the URL in the remote administration settings in the Fully Browser.


So far only Fully Browser is supported because this is what I personally use. However, I’m sure other software exists for controlling your dashboards. Anyone is welcome to contribute to this app by provided new drivers.

Also additional translations for this app is highly appreciated.

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Hi Roy, could you post some screenshots please? At the moment I don’t use Android devices, but maybe I would get a device if your app fits my needs. Thanks in advance.

Sure thing but do you want screenshots of the device (Fully Browser) or of the action cards in Homey?

Screenshots of Fully Browser. I want to see what the dashboard looks like. Thanks.

Ah I think there is a slight misconception. Screenshots of how Fully Browser looks can be found in the Google play link. However this app does not provide a Homey dashboard but a way to control your existing one. If you want a homey dashboard please look into Node-Red dashboard or HomeyDash to set one up.

This app only allows for controlling the fully browser on your dashboard device. So that you can load your already existing dashboard, turn screens on or off, load different sites or other Android applications. However you still have to setup a homey dashboard by yourself.


Okay, I understand now. I thought this is an app for a dashboard.
“Dashboard controller”: Who can read is clearly in advantage! :joy:

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I have installed the app and try to add the devices.
If a do test connection nothing happen.

And i am sure that i use the correct password and url.
Also is my homey in the same network range.
I even bought a license for the app


I did some checking and apparently there is a bug during the pairing of new devices which results in the test connection button not doing anything. I’ve just published a new version of the app which resolves this issue. The test version you can already use by installing this version otherwise you have to wait until the new version is certified by Athom.

My apologies for publishing a faulty version of the app!

Thanks for the new version, the test connection works, it shows the id of my tablet, but the connect but doesn’t add the device

I get could not find pair session

After a reboot he finds my tablet. But when I click on Verbind nothing happens

So apparently the same issue for the test connection button also resides in the connect button. Again this issue has been fixed and I’ve published a new version.

This issue snug into the app because the addition to the code was so mundane that I forgot to test it properly. But again it has been fixed, it is waiting for certification but the fixed version can be downloaded from here.

Great it works. Really fast fix.
Only the camera gives a error.

No problem. Ah that might be due to not enabling motion detection in your fully browser settings. Disabling this also disables the camera.

Thanks it works now

Maybe a little bit off topic, but i got it working and got enthustiastic. Now I wonder, how can i use the tablet cam to make pictures on motions or even on trigggering from a flow?

Could it be possible to only put in on on motion? That would be really nice

Unfortunately, the API does not support notifications for motions, so it’s currently not possible to verify whether the dashboards detects motion or not. I’m in contact with Fully Browser to verify if it’s possible to add this functionality. Once that add it in the API, I’m able to add the alarm_motion capability to the devices which then can be used to start flows, etc.

The camera images from Fully Browser are integrated into Homey as images. This means, that by default, you can see the latest image in the device info view. In there you have a refresh button to gather the latest image. Secondly, you can use the image in all your flow actions that support images. So build your flow, have an action that allows using an image (e.g. showing an image in your Google Chromecast device) and than select as label your dashboard image. Once the flow is run, Homey gets the latest image from your browser and use them in the specified action. For more info see the Homey info page: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025313254-How-to-use-the-image-Tag.

Got it! Thanks! I use a Aqara motion sensor on a kitchen drawer. Now I can make a picture of who is picking the candy :wink:


Hi, this sounds like a really nice app, and I’m considering buying a tablet now. I had one question. I saw on the Fully website that remote administration can be done via local network, or via API of the Fully cloud. I was wondering if this app administers the tablet via the local network.
Thank you in advance!

Both, default is local only and you have the option to use the cloud as well for Remote Administration.

In this Dashboard controller App it’s only local what is supported.

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