[APP] Fully kiosk browser

This app adds support for the Android app: Fully Kiosk Browser.

When you install this app on your Android device (most likely an tablet) you’ll be able to set a Homey dashboard like:
Home dash or
Homey web dash or
Custom Node Red dashboard

When installing the app to your Homey you’ll be able to control the Fully Kiosk Browser app.
Things like set the screen on/off, dim the screen, read light intensity (if the device supports it), read battery level, get notified when the power is unplugged etc.

You’re able to set the Fully Kiosk Browser as launcher so if the device reboots it’ll start automatically.
The Fully Kiosk Browser has an option to lock it with an pin or gesture so you’ll have the device locked into the dashboard.

It’s available as app via the Google Play store or as a downloadable .apk file.
Download from here: https://www.fully-kiosk.com/

The app is currently not available because it’s under review by Athom.

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Hi Robin,

Always nice to see a new app.
May I ask what’s the difference with Dashboard Controller app?

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I would also be interested

Did not find that app. Probably because I searched for Fully Kiosk Browser on the app store and on the forums…

Great, a lot of work for nothing…

I wouldn’t say that yet. Maybe I like your app better?

Don’t know if Athom allows multiple apps for the same device?

There are two Apps for Philips Hue and two for Plugwise devices and two for the Xiaomi gateway.

Owh, bummer. Like Uwe said. Maybe your version is different / better /nicer or what not?
But, just to check, I just searched for Fully in the app store, I’m sorry, [Edit: added] but Dashboard Controller does pop up:

See second post above…it’s in review by Athom and visible in tve store after approval.

Hey Ronny,
Don’t know if you respond to me, but if you are:
I can read (most of the time :upside_down_face:).

I meant to say, and show: before Robin decided to build the app, if he had searched for “Fully” @ appstore, he could have seen Dashboard Controller as search result.

I know, the name ‘Dashboard Controller’ doesn’t ring a bell regarding to Fully Browser at first.

Hey Peter, yes I meant you. I thought your screenshot should show that the app isn’t there. Sorry.
I also would prefer a better name for Dashboard Controller. For me it means more a real standalone dashboard and not only Fully Browser control.

I’ve could have been a bit clearer about the app search reply (I adjusted that now).

Yes at first when I discoverd DC some time ago, I also thought DC was a dashboard tool of some kind. It took me a while before I got the idea behind it.
It is ‘just’ a Fully ‘manager’, not dashboard specific.

Yes, I didn’t search for Fully but Fully Kiosk Browser.

I’ll compare the apps and see if there are any differences and/or things missing from his app.

Anyone using his app has any remarks or things missing?

I know an app-store that ……………


I use the app, but actually only to call up the Home Assistant dashboards and weather maps. Apart from http and the camera as a proximity sensor, I don’t use anything.

As a non-pro user I had to ditch the nice app (too many apps, so little RAM).
Same as Undertaker, AND I also liked the fact I could start apps on my tablet from a flow.
So you could create a kind of "Fully(dash)-spotify-weather-webcams automated views circle

Apart from http, what exactly?
Defining a website?

I’m sorry, a what?