[APP] Dashboard controller

Question, I try to start an app remotely, I used the app name which is visible on the tablet and is allowed to be started. Did not find specific information at Fully’s website.

But nothing happens.

App is: DoorBird

Use appid


Perfect, that I understand. App name is: com.doorbird.doorbird and it works If now somebody presses the doorbell the DoorBird app is quickly shown on the dashboard for about 60 seconds and then returns to the dashboard again.

Android App names are also easy to discovere using APK Analyser and a lot more also.

Hi, today the app crashed a couple of times.
Hopefully you can fix it!

I’ve published a new version 0.1.4 for certification which should resolve this issue. I also get email notifications everytime the app crashes. So if it still occurs after 0.1.4 I’ll keep investigating

Apologies for the inconvenience .

Hi there,
another quick question. What kind of action cars are available?
Mainly I am wondering if the various parameters from the tablet and fully browser like the battery percentage are avavaible as a variable?
Thanx in advance!

The app supports on/off, dim and battery capabilities. So at all times you can use cards to verify battery percentage, screen on/off and dim level of the screen. Also these variables are available as tags in Homey itself.

Specifically for this app the following additional actions are supported:

  • Show dashboard
  • Start android application
  • Load URL
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Really great app. Thank you for this. I have a request to make it even more usefull. Is it posible to add the events onMotion, onDarkness and onMovement from the fully API. Would be nice to use it in flows as a trigger.

Discovered a reason for app crash. You need to use http:// prefix. Without the prefix test connection does work and a device is created and working. After a few minutes the app will crash.

Great that you like it. Creating those action cards is currently not possible. The Fully browser REST API does not provide the necessary information which I can use to create those action cards. I’m currently contacting the Fully browser developer to see if they add the appropriate info in the REST API. They do provide other ways to gather that info, using MQTT or JS with a specific HTML page, however both solutions greatly increases the difficulty of actually developing this app.

Apologies for the app crashes. Until version 0.1.3 I did not properly validate the Fully browser URL in the pairing sequence. If before that version you entered an incorrect URL during pairing the app still breaks even in the most recent versions. So removing the device and adding it again should resolve that issue and all future user should not have this particular issue.

Hello I use Homeydash on a tablet with Fully Browser.
Is it possible to receive the battery level from tablet in a homey flow?
Thats usefull to start loading the battery when battery level is under f.e. 10%


This is already possible, the app monitors the battery level. There is a trigger card for your device to start a flow if the battery level changes. Than using the tag that indicates the the battery level of your device you can determine whether it is lower than 10% and perform the appropriate actions.

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Update: problem fixed with newer release!

It is a very nice app. Only the connection is lost every x hours. I"ve no issues with wifi. The tablet has a fixed IP.
Sometimes restarting the app solves it, sometimes not.
Any ideas?

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I have the same issues. Sometimes after a day or after a few hours. The device will become unreachable. Only way to solve this is to remove the device and recreate it using the same settings. Then repair all the flows using the device. On the app page is sometimes a pause sign || after the app name. Then you first have to restart the app.

Hi Guys,

I’m looking into the issues with the tablet losing connection. However it would definitely help if you can share diagnostic information with me when the issues occur. You can send this by going to`:

Apps -> Dashhboard Controller -> Settings -> Create Diagnostisch report

You can just send the unique code via PM and I’ll look into the issue. Sometimes this also occurs for me but then just a simple restart of the app fixes the issue.

@Rom connectivity issues should never be resolved by completely removing the device and then adding it again. When this occurs could you please share the diagnostic information with me. Also verify that you have no more than the advised number of apps on your homey. Too many apps on a Homey could result in very strange behavior in the apps themselves which I cannot prevent.

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Make sure your tablet has a fixed IP address and your Homey also, this will help.

Some tablets like new Android and iOS change their mac address also every time they connect to WiFi, not handy for home automation.


Turn this off.

Wi-Fi settings

The randomized MAC address option is configured for each wireless connection, so there is no way to configure this globally. Once you connect to a wireless network, here’s how to make sure the device is using a random MAC address (instead of the device MAC address).

Open the Settings app.
Tap Network & Internet.
Tap Wi-Fi.
Tap the gear icon associated with the wireless connection to be configured.
Tap Advanced.
Tap Privacy.
Tap Use Randomized MAC
  • My Homey has ofcourse also a static IP, just like my tablet has (checked & double checked)
    (My phone’s IP is not important here, but it’s dynamic)

  • What’s the max advised nr of apps?
    I can’t find this info anywhere…
    I counted 30 apps on my Homey Early 2019

  • This is a view to my ram usage

@ samsung s9 (up2date Android 10) the default MAC used with WiFi connections is random MAC.
@ tablet (Android 7.1.2) the default MAC used with WiFi connections is device MAC.

So, there was indeed a bug in the pinging functionality which tries to reconnect to the device if connection fails one time. This bug is fixed in the currently, waiting for certification, version 0.1.5. Hopefully this issue will resolve all the aforementioned issues.

If any issues persist feel free to contact me or to publish them at Github issues.