Start app on specific device in flow

Hi all,

I wonder if it is possible to create a flow where I can start an app on a specific device when an event is triggerred.

I use a Doorbird device, and the Doorbird app for homey. The Homey app and the Doorbird apps (Android) are both is installed on my mobile. I want to create a flow in Homey that starts the Android Doorbird app on specific Android devices when these devices are in the current local network when the flow is triggered (doorbell or other events ). It is a flaw that this option is not in the Doorbird app (Android) itself, but maybe I can create this in the Homey app using the Doorbird API feature calling the URL scheme that starts the app (doorbird://).
I already tried the

HTTP request flowkaarten

app, bud these events all require a http: request.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


You can give the app Dashboard Controller a go for this case.
It works in combination with the Android app Fully Browser, and that way it is possible to start Android apps from your Homey.

As far as I know only 1 device with Fully installed, can be paired with de Homey Dashboard Controller app.
With the NetScan app you can determine the network presence of the specific devices.