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Nfc Tag's to start a flow

Hello everyone.

I know there is similar topics on the forum already, I’ve read all of them and still i don’t find the answers for what I need.

I use Android, (i read a possible solution for this on the forum, but is for iOS)

I would like to have nfc tags around my house, and whenever i touch with my phone on a tag it would start a certain flow.

Is there any app to accomplish this?

Or anyone have figured a way to accomplish this?

If someone has, could explain how you’ve done it please?

Thank you.

Google for tasker With nfc gives you some answers.

Thanks, I’ll Google it.

Use NFC Tools for Android to write HTTP Requests to NFC Tags, and HTTP App for Homey:

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Thank you :ok_hand:

No prob, and forgot to mention, use NFC Tasks on Android to trigger.

Ok, I’ll test it as soon has i get my nfc Tag’s, does the phone opens url when you it the nfc or it just sends that http request, cause if it starts pulling up pages on the screen of the phone it will be kind of messy.

You get only a small popup from NFC Tasks with info, but is going away in couple seconds.

Ohh ok, I’ll try it when i can then, thank you for the info!

Hey. Did you make it work, triggering a flow using an nfc tag?

Sorry for the late response, no i haven’t, i have given up on it

Too bad to hear. I’ve solved it! Notify me if you want to know howToo bad to hear. I’ve solved it! Let me know if you want to know how. :+1:

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