How to use NFC Tags to trigger homey flows?

Hi all,

So I’ve got some NFC Tags that I want to use to start flows when I touch them with a smartphone. The way I do this now is:

  • Program my NFC Tag with NXP TagWriter to open a link, this is a IFTTT webhook link
  • Then IFTTT starts my homey flow

So it does the job sort of, but everytime I do this my phone starts the browser app to execute the link and that’s not really nice.

Is it possible to let my smartphone start a flow on homey directly when a NFC Tag is touched? Or what would be the best solution for NFC Tags to use with homey?

Did you look at this?

You can also look at This one:

Depends if you want to touch your phone to a tag, tag to your Phone of Tag to Homey.
Eventually you can maybe use an App to open the link on your Phone direct to Homey (Without IFTTT)

Thanks for your fast reply. Yes I’ve read this post, already created a flow in the past for my OV-chipkaart when touching the homey.

But I’m talking about phone to a tag, I’ve got some tags in my house which I want to play around with. Like switching lights on/off when tag is touched with phone.

Hi @Upsilon
Did you ever found a solution for this?
I was thinking about make the same use as you i believe, with the nfc tags.
When the phone touchs a tag then trigger something.

Hi, yes I did found a solution with the Android app Tasker. But it wasn’t a stable solution so I didn’t use it much. The only tag I’ve got left is an WiFi access tag that guests at my home can use to get access to our WiFi. Nothing to do with Homey though.

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@Ricardo_Nunes, also. The ‘tag code’ of phones is different everytime you touch. Witch makes it even more difficult.

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Hum ok, guess I have to found another solution for my need then :thinking:
Any way thank you for the feedback!