Problem with getting NFC Tags to start Flows

I am new to Homey and have a Homey Pro 2023 and am using an Android phone with NFC Tools (not the Homey Community APP). I am able to write and read the NFC tags. But can not get them to start any flows.

I have been reading previous posts about using NFC tags on the forum but the methods I see are different. I presume this is because of different versions/ages of Homey that people are using.

It is obvious that I do not understand how to utilize webhooks. I have tried:


Where: represents the Ethernet IP Address of Homey found in Settings.
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn represents the 24 character Homey ID found in Settings.

I can get the following to start a flow when it is entered into the address bar of a web browser and I hit ENTER.
But it will not work when I scan the NFC Tag which has that URL written to it.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you can get the flow to trigger when you open the URL in a browser, the issue isn’t with your Homey setup but with your phone setup.

Are you sure that the NFC Tools app actually opens URL’s when it scans them from a tag?

No I am not. Frankly NFC Tools has very little in the way of tutorials or instructions that I can find and it has all been trial and error, lots of errors.

Given that opening random URL’s might be a security issue, it’s possible that it doesn’t work automatically.

With iOS (specifically the Shortcuts app), there’s an option to open a URL when scanning an NFC tag with a particular ID (so the URL isn’t encoded on the tag, just a unique ID, and when the phone scans that ID it will open a URL), perhaps there’s something similar for Android?

Macrodroid can do the job

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I used NFC tools on Android together with the ‘Micro web server app’ for the same purpose and it works fine as long as I remember to start flows with the ‘Web Trigger’ when card provided by the app.

Has the advantage of not needing the internet. Nice app. I mainly use it to run a dashboard - NFC processing is a useful added extra.

When you read a correctly set up tag, Android opens a browser window using the supplied URL. If you are not seeing that, there’s a problem with the tag.


Hi Andy,

Thanx. Just FYI, you can use local webhooks without an app as well: