NFC And Mobile App URLs


I bought a few NFC tags/stickers and programmed them with an app url - homey://.

This works as expected and opens the homey app. But now i’m a bit stuck and cant find any information on the forum or beyond. Does anyone know if the app url for the homey app accept any paths to run specific flows?

On the forum its often suggested to use webhooks etc. I believe this method can however be valuable for several situations - eg. when you want an NFT tag to run a flow but you want to ensure the user scanning the NFC tag has access to the app/flow for security.

I would only add a tagID to your NFC and make all handlings in a mobile app (NfcTools, Tasker…).
There you can react on the NFC id and call a Wekhook using a URL with your Homey-IP or the global one with the HomeyCloudID inside the Url.
In Homey you can create a trigger for that webhook ID.
That prevents other people from using your personal webhook if you would put it into the NFC tag.

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Hi RonnyW. Thank you for this valuable tip. This also covers the security aspect. I will give this a spin :slight_smile:

I am still also curious about app links though (if the Homey team added them to the app), because then the whole family can use the tag, without installing and configuring an additional NFC app (assuming they have the homey app installed already). This would give a more native experience.

Yes, that’s a good approach, too.
But I never read about official app parameters.

Perhaps @jero (I hope it’s Jeroen W.) can give you a hint.

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