How to set up a Logitech Harmony Hub flow for specific activity

I have the Harmony hub installed and want Homey to send a command when an specific activity has started. But I can’t make Homey to act just on a specific activity. If reacts on every activity when started.

Is it even possible to let Homey just reacts on a specific Harmony Hub activity?

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it should be quite simple starting a flow with a trigger, and than start an activity
Maybe there is more info on the forum

Ok thnx. You starting with a virtual button. Let’s try that one.

This is what I made in the first place:

I think it’s working now.

I saw you’er using the web app to create the flow. And I was using the Flow app ion my iPad. And on the iPad I had to fill in the tag otherwise I couldn’t save the card. And using the web app I can save the card without using a tag :thinking:.

This is weird but it worked …