Activity not started when calling flow


I am using Homey combined with Logitech Harmony Hub for additional IR support.

On switch of a button on my remote I am launching activities in the Harmony Hub, e.g. start AV player, sattelite box, game console, etc. Since I would like to use the same buttons to switch between those sources, I have a challenge with including my projector in the Harmony activity. The harmony switches all devices off when ending an activity, and switching on/off the projector takes too long.
This is where I wanted to utilize the Homey flows (and also to dim lights and close curtains).

I have created a flow that identifies the start of a harmony activity.

It then launches another flow that will start the projector (and others in future).

I am using a separate flow for this to include other functionalities in future (not relevant here).

The issue is that the projector starts perfectly when I launch the 2nd flow manually. However when the flow is launched by the first flow the projector is not started.
Any other activity that I include in the 2nd flow work fine (E.g switch on lights, send notification).

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

Can you share your flows?

Also, use the test button to identify any issues.

I have cleaned these flows, to exclude any other influences. Still same issue.
The second flow works fine using the test button.

Then the question is, does the first flow works.

Add a extra card in the 1 flow with a notification, so you know if it works.

I had added notifications in booth flows. Both notifications got sent. I even had switch light on in the second and that worked, only the switch projector on fails. And it only fails when called from the other flow.

Hmmz strange indeed, what app your using for the projector?

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I am using the Harmony app to switch on the projector.

Your last question triggered the solution. For Harmony there are actually 2 apps, the Harmony activity app and the Harmony device app.
I was using the the activity app for both. So when a certain activity is started launch flow that starts another activity (switch on projector).
I have now changed the second step in to start projector using the Harmony device app. This works perfectly!

Thanks for your support!

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