Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

To get back on topic: :wink:
Is HomeyDash still actively maintained or updated?
V1.1.2 dates back to May 2019 if I am correct…

Just wondering… :slight_smile:
Would be happy to contribute if it’s further improved…

? I have version 1.1.3

Ah, I am on the beta. Stable is one version further, v1.1.3. Will use that version then.
Did not look any further because the post from Danee here above gives v1.1.2 as the last version too.

But the question remains: is HomeDash still maintained and improved? :slight_smile:

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How can i download Homeydash for my raspbery?

Download de files from github and put them on ur PI. More questions about that can be placed in the appropiate topics because this is the topic for the online version of Homeydash.com .

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If anyone is running Homeydash via an Android device, FYI I created a Homey App so you control your device via Homey. For info see topic.


Thanks for the notification, I’ve updated the post to make it more on topic. If @moderators still think it is too much off topic, feel free to delete the aforementioned post.

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503 Service unavailable
No server is available to handle this request

Did the webserver died?

There is some problems with the server, they are busy trying to fix this as we speak. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Excuse my French.

And it looks like we’r back in business. Sorry again.


Service still unavailable here

Excuse my French.

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Here too

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How do i change the background picture?

Click the settings wheel in the top right corner and fill in the URL.

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Hello @Rocodamelshekima and others that have knowledge of the homeydash and api,

Before trying to take Homey a step higher, i would like to have some answers to these, talking about HOMEYDASH

1/ It seems it s possible to show informations of sensor like temperature in the tiles of the homeydash, do you confirm ?
2/ Now i see only favourite flows and devices. Is it possible to bring devices that are in homey manually in the homeydash ?

Because if these are possible and if i have the way to perform that, i can promise i will make an impressive dashboard, hopefully i understand the api…

Many thanks for your answersand why not some links to api about these
Have a great day

Ive seen people send the url often so the Google hub is not entering screensaver, but i can’t get minetyo work. Is it possible and could someone please explain how the flow is set up?

  1. Is possible indeed.
  2. Is not possible.

I have a flow that stops the casting and casts the url every 9 minutes.
So every 9 minutes, set volume to 0, stop casting with a delay of 2 seconds, cast url again after 5 seconds and turn up volume again after 15 seconds.