Dashboard like Actiontiles for Homey

It seems this has been somewhat discussed before, but for some odd reason no action seems to have been taken as far as I can see. I recentely came over from Smartthings. And one of the great things with smartthings is Actiontiles. It was really neat to be able to have a whole dashboard avaiable on whatever device you had that was really obsolete or your phone.

But really what made Actiontiles stand out is the simplicity. It is really easy to set up. It’s a shame homey doesn’t offer anything like this. Is there anything like this on the horizon? Or do I need to settle for some workaround at some point?

Yes there is already long time something on the horizon. To be more precisie maybe even two thing’s on the horizon.

But there is no ETA


Not sure what you mean, but for now you can use the web app:

or homeydash.com

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That is close, but not quite there. Smartthings had simular things to that, but then there was actiontiles that is just so much better:

This would be my screen in the livingroom, showing values like tempeatures and so on. With buttons to press to set lighting, start the vacum. Also to to other screens to control individual lights and show cameras. In this screenshot it doesnt show buttons correctly as my smartthings isn’s in use anymore. Ill check out hopmey dash at seems to be the closest thing so far.

There is also an integration with Homey by the Sharptools dashboard system which is now in beta: Homey Integration Discussion - SharpTools.io (web) - SharpTools Community


Or you can use this: https://www.viz-designer.com - which works with HomeKit or API calls so you can use either the Homey built-in HomeKit experiment or the HomeKitty app to expose your Homey devices to HomeKit and then use Viz Designer or (what I do) use the Local API app on Homey and make API calls from Viz Designer. This last option offers ultimate flexibility but does take more work to set up.

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Take a look at the SharpTools.io integration for Homey that’s in beta now available! I’m the founder of SharpTools, so feel free to tag me if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

SharpTools Installation Steps

The SharpTools Homey integration is now publicly available! You’ll find a Homey option within the Manage Connections list on your SharpTools User Page.

Tapping the Homey option will bring up a brief set of instructions showing how to install the SharpTools Homey app and what steps need to be taken to configure the app:


For more detailed step-by-step instructions, you can view our Homey Connection help article.

Here’s a few screenshots shared by our community members. Each person has customized things to their own personal taste:


That looks dope. I will definitely check it out. Hopefully it is user-friendly enough that I can set it up. :laughing:

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So I sat down for a bit and set up a simple dashboard before I went to bed. Super easy. Looks like getting it up to actiontiles standard comes right out of the box. And I suppose there is still alot pf tweaking o can do. This is highly recommended for anyone looking to get a good easy dashboard. I will check back here later after trying it some more. But so far it looks really promising!

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Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying things. Just an update that the SharpTools Homey connection is now publicly available! :tada: I’ve updated the post above with more details. :slight_smile:

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@joshua is there a way to add new ‘things’ to sync after creating these in Homey or that were not initially selected for sync?
Great tool and easy to use!

Yes, you can proceed through the authorization again and select new devices.

In other words, start at the Authorize Devices part of this help article to reauthorize and select new devices.

Glad to hear you are enjoying things! :star_struck:

Does it work on Homey (Early 2019) ? :blush:

Yes. Designed and tested with both Pro models. :grinning: