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I’ve gone from a smart hub solution that focused heavily on user interface to get a glimpse of the general status of the house. Temperatures, alarms, locks, etc. all easily available from the home screen of the app.

I setup my Homey yesterday and can’t find any features in regards of building a dashboard to display multiple sensor values, or zones… Is there no such features in Homey?

Did you try the search engin? Link

Yes - I tried several. Did you find anything on your link, because if you read my questions and look at the posts there is nothing at all…

Love forums where the default answer is search.

I can find your answer in the search results: Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

This seems like a third party solution - I’m wondering if there are any built in features from Homey itself, or are they mainly focusing on the techincal aspect of things, and relying on people to do their own stuff through API`s and other integrations?

I was hoping the Homey app was a more “finished” product for all aspects of a smart home.

Open Homey’s Home screen, behind the text Favorite devices, there are 3 dots, pressing that dots, give you a list of your devices, below the text ALL DEVICES , are the devices that you can add to your HomeScreen, press on the + sign for all the wanted devices, then don’t forget to save this choise, by pressing “Ready” in the upper right corner. After adding, you can drag the devices to place them in the order that you want (and save it).
Same you can do for Favorit Flows.

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Thanks @JPe4619 - I would love if there was some way of grouping, lets say locks into one tile to show summerized info. Lets say I have three smart locks on my house - I dont wan’t them to take the whole screen.

Maybe I can submit some kind of idea.

Have a look at this app:

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Resent peeps that ask first and search later…

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As I stated; the search results did not contain what I was looking for.

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I use Apple Homekit Dashboard via Homekitty integration. If you have Apple at home it‘s an easy approach. I use an old iPad for my Dashboard

you are facing the biggest problem,
so I moved away from homey
With NodeRed + zigbee2mqtt and zwave2mqtt you can create wonderfull dashboards.
btw: my homey-pro can be bought

Grouping in Homey is related to the concept of Rooms, in the device overview and the grouping of flows.
For me the app makes sense, since the home dashboard allows access to the mostly used devices and flows, and the full list allows access to all based on rooms.
By creating virtual devices you can group the status overview of e.g. all locks.

Indeed if you do like Apple, you could use the Home app on your Ipad which integrates as well.