What Happened to IOS Widgets?

IOS Widgets seem to be gone on IOS 14.4
Is this a known issue?

I still have widgets in IOS 14.4 but Apple created al really confusing situation with two kind of widgets. Homey uses the “old” type, which now have some kind of separate tray.

Thanks Edwin

Can you explain on how to add the widget?
I can’t seem to find this other “tray” you referring to

I have a Dutch verion, so maybe my translations back to English are not exact: if you long press the widgets area, or press “modify” at the bottom, then everyting starts to wiggle. You see an area where you can drag widgets too (the new widget area) but if you scroll to the end there’s yet another “adjust” line. If you press that you get the traditional list of widgets that you enabled or disabled. Homey has a Favorite Flows widget you can add.
Sometimes there widgets dissapear from screen, but if I scroll they reappear.

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Is this gone in ios 14.5?

Nope still there

When in edit-widged mode, scroll down
in dutch there is a button called: “Pas aan” on the very bottom

I can’t seem to find it any longer in IOS 15, is it still somewhere to be found?