Widget iOS : glitch on GUI


I appreciate the introduction of the Widget feature on iOS; however, I’ve encountered an issue. When selecting the “3 Favorites” Widget, there seems to be a glitch that allows users to choose more than three items. Consequently, the display in the Widget doesn’t present properly.

on left : 4 flows selected
on right : 6 flows select → display only 3

Anyway, the Widget is a fantastic addition to iOS!

You have posted this topic in the “Questions & Help” category. For me, however, your post seems to be purely informative, so I’ve changed the category.
Since no one from the community forum can help you with this problem anyway, please report it to Athom support if you haven’t already done so.

If you can contact the support…, I try to login but I can’t Signin. I’m getting an error wrong identifying from zendesk ! I don’t know how to reach them… thanks

Have you tried it on this page?