No available flows in iOS widget

I recently added the iOS widget to my home screen, but I am unable to add any flows to it. The widget is simply a “Create flow in the Homey-app” (which only opens the app), and if I press and hold it, then press the plus sign to add a new object there are no available options to select from. Searching on the “add object” page gives no results.

Are there any settings or something that must be done in the app or on the phone? Or perhaps in the flows? I have looked for things that seem related to the widget but with no success so far.

I have the 7.6.0 version of the Homey app, and I have a couple of favorite flows in it. my phone is running iOS 17.2


Hi there,

I’m experiencing the same thing.
When I try to use Siri automations it also kills the shortcuts app as soon as I select the homey app.

Hopefully someone knows what’s up.

Same - everything worked fine, then suddenly one day all my favorite flows disappeared from the widget.

Usual issue with Homey - everything works ok, they update something, and it all stops working until you reconfigure everything.

Anybody who knows how to resolve this in the meanwhile?

I bought an iPhone 15 Pro and experience the same problem as described. Have flows marked as favorite in Homey Pro 2023, which on my old iPhone showed in the widget as expected. Now the “add object” page gives no results as well.

Same here, I just moved over to a new iPhone 15 and suddenly I cannot get my widget(s) to work anymore.
Already reinstalled the app, but that didnt fix it.
It still works on my ipad

Same problem here on iPhone 15 Pro Max. Is this a thing that is gonna be fixed?