Homey app 7.0.0 and favorite flows widget

After installing the homey app 7.0.0 today, my favorite flow widget on iphone is empy. Editing the favorite flows in the homey app restores the widget, but after a few hours its empty again.

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All I know is excluding the Homey app from energy saving could help.
(On Android that is, but who knows it also helps on Iphone)

Please give Athom this as a feedback

I did it already

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I’m under the impression it’s out of their hands, but this requisity should be mentioned in the “how to add fav flows as widget” howto

I will


I´ve got the same issue on IOS. Any answer from Athom?

It shows sometimes all but most of the time.only some (not advanced) flows. It’s a pitty, use it on a daily base. It looks like it is due to advanced flows. What to do?

Athom tells me, they’re working on it. No timeline though.

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I also have since the app update that not all my siri shortcuts work anymore this one also uses my favorites flows

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Almost same problem here :frowning: I addressed this already to Athom but no answer - so in the mean time I use Virtual knobs not so nice as Widgets I agree, but keep my family happy :-/ their Home @ iPhone … so let us hope … if not I still have my old beloved Homey 2016 :slight_smile: … greets too you all

I always get a human reply the next businessday or the one after that.
Did you use the proper support channel? →

Let me add to the list here. Erratic behavior on iOS since recently. In my case I’m using NFC tags and iOS Shortcuts based on Fav Flows, pretty unreliable these days. Homey has active background refresh on.

I filed a support ticket w/ them

nothing happend, still facing this issue w/ latest firmware. That’s a bummer.