Android widgets are here!

Hi all,

There’s a beta update (v4.1.0) available in the Android Play Store for the Homey app which introduces Widgets, which you can place on your homescreen.

It’s only for flows and you have to mark these flows as favourite in the Homey app first (use the gear on the right)

Then place a widget on your homescreen:.

  • long press an empty space on your phone/tablet homescreen
  • select widgets
  • search for the following widget (so do not search for “Homey” or something like that. Your device won’t find it!)
  • drag this icon to your homescreen
  • select the right flow.

Now my IFTTT widgets can be deleted! Very nicely done, Athom!

I would have named the widget “Homey Flows” or something like that.
And hope this is not Athom’s idea of creating a smarthome dashboard.

But nevertheless; widgets work like a charm!
Enjoy ya’all!


Nice :grin::+1::champagne:

Does not work.
It says that there is no favorite flow.

But ih have 2 favorite flows

Works like a charm here, @AlexEbner.

Your flows are greyed out for some reason. Like the are disabled or something like that.
Try to add another flow (which isn’t greyed out) to your favorites.

According to the name of your flows, it does not seem logic to start these flows manually?

Perhaps it has something to do with what is inside the flow itself that makes it greyed out.

Flows with triggers that need some token to be filled.
Like: someone came home < name >

Not logical to start by hand and thus not selectable.

Ah, that sounds reaonable, @Dijker.
Thx, my guess was right then… :wink:

Sorry my fail.
Yes it works now.
It have to be a flow that starts with “if flow started”

Sorry @AlexEbner, not only those flows work.
It depends on the triggers, like @Dijker mentioned.

For instance; I use some flows with “if button x is pressed” on a certain remote.

Ok thank you.
It works perfect.

Wow that’s probably one of the most useful features added to Athom app in the last year )))

I noted though that on Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab in my case) the labels under the widget disappear in the landscape mode (they are visible normally in the portrait mode). This almost renders the widgets useless in landscape since the all look the same and you can’t change the icon as far as I can see…

Widget resizing on Android is coming very soon!
Beta can already be tested; see screenshot below:

Has not yet arrived (as beta) on my Android phone, but my iPad gets an beta update with the above changelog.

Homey hit and misses again.
Favourite flows ? :stuck_out_tongue:

How about fixing so that we can see temperatures of our devices without going I to them (we know athom is blocking this from app developers) and put them as widgets instead or create a proper dash board.

No one asked for favourite flows , check your forums once in a while.


After every update of the Homey app on my phone (huawei P30 lite new edition, android 9) some of the widgets stop working: the play-icons are still there, but the label is gone and it doesn’t do anything when I push them. It appears to be random which ones: after every update some are broken and some are ok, but not always the same ones.

I have made a support request to Homey, but also wondering if someone else has the same experience?

Sorry, no problems here…
(Samsung Galaxy S10+)

This is what I get on an Oneplus 6t. Can’t downsize the height :pensive:
They do work, but take up way to much space.


If I set display size within andeoid settings to small I can then add the widget as 1x1. And then even after xhanging the display size to large again it keeps it smaller size. But then the alignment is a bit off:

Yes, i have the exact same problem on My Honor 8 (powered by Huawei). Maybe its a Huawei thing? Or did you fixed it already?

Might be Huawei issue? For me it’s still not working. After every update of the app and/or Android some widgets stop working, but not all. I’ve made a support request at Athom and have since then been mailing with one of their developers. I also joined the beta-program for the app, but still no solution.

I must be doing something wrong, but cant find the widgets to add on my homescreen. I’m on a Huawei Pro 30

Having the sizing problem as well. I can add them only in 1x2 format which takes up too much space and doesn’t align with other icons.

Using the Sony Xperia 1 ii with the stock launcher.