Favourite Homey flows not showing up in shortcuts app

I have been trying to start a favourite flow from Apple shortcuts. When I first tried one old short cut I had as a favourite under the homey app showed up but not the other. Since then I have created and favourited 3 advanced flows in Homey Pro. Every time I try to create a shortcut to start a favourite flow none of my favourite flows whether created under homey or homey pro advanced flows show up. I have tried reinstalling both the homey app and the shortcuts app and unfavouriting and the refavouriting the relevant flows but for the life of me I can’t get the shortcuts app to point to the favourited homey apps. Can anyone help please.

Dear @Simon_Mark,
probably you can add some screenshot to emphasize what you are meaning and to show, what you did.
On my android phone I als see only the first two favourite Flows and I have to swipe them to the left to see the other ones.
But maybe your problem is totally different.

Thanks I use an iPhone. I will attach a screen shot from the shortcuts app. You will see that the selection box is not giving any options and trying to enter an actual name of a favourite doesn’t yield any results either. I tried restarting the homey pro this morning and I just get the same result.

Thank you @Simon_Mark ,
unfortunately the screen on Android phones is totally different. So I cannot help.
Best regards Dirk

Hi Simon.
I have the same problem than you.
Did you solve it?

I discovered I could get flows in the normal homey to show up but not those in homey pro. I don’t know why this is the case.