Apple shortcuts not working - Solved :)


Was trying to run a flow via Apple shortcuts, i have 2 older actions in Apple shortcuts that work (created years ago…) but if i create a new one it cant fetch and select my flow from the favorite flow list.

There is flows in favorite flows.

Apple Shortcuts:

iPhone 14 Pro, iOS 16.5.
Homey App
Homey Early 2018 8.1.4

Phone, Homey rebooted, Homey app reinstalled and Phone iOS updated, still same issue :frowning:

Hi Andreas,

Are you using normal flows or Advanced flows? I have the same issue but specifically with advanced flows: Apple Shortcuts and Advanced flows Issues

Yesterday they did not work, but today they do. May be kill the homey app on iOS and start it again?

Only normal flow!


Okay, solved…

Reinstalled Shortcuts app, removed all favorites flows in Homey app and added them again :slight_smile:


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