Icon sizes on the homey mobile app (android)

Some time ago the sizes in the android homey app were just a bit smaller fitting 4 or 5 icon columns on my screen. now I only get three, which takes way more space and reduces the overall visibility.

Is there a way to set the size of icons in the homey app so I can fit more on the screen? would be great if that is user selectable. While we are at is, it I would also like to fit more text in a tile (as some names of tiles are a bit longer). any way to do that?

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There’s been a whole thread on Slack about this: Slack

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but whatever the change in size font/display the app now only displays 3 tiles/row.
This drives mme nut since I have to scroll and scroll in order to access my devices.
I really hope Athom will make the number of tiles/row configurable

Indeed… Nuts…

As Bouke already answered you on Slack, it depends on the device screen resolution. Not the physical resolution of the display, but the resolution available/useable for apps.

I think a variable size would cause other issues like wrong icon size, wrong text size, overlapping text etc. Not easy to handle if you have a lot of resolution and text size variants.

Maybe for the text size, but not the icons. As mentioned I used to have 3 columns, then I have 4 for a month maybe 2 and now back to 3.

I did not however change anything on the screen, display or text size…

Any idea what’s happening? Anybody else had the same?

Here it was 4 (forget the blue circle, this was by chance the only screenshot I could still find and was already edited)

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As I showed to Harwin Borger on slack, I have more than the minimum required screen resolution for the app (ie 560 while the min is 512) and it does no longer work though I enjoyed having 4 tiles until the last update without any problem.
Those tiles are really huge and should be shrunk by half imho

In tried the different resolutions on my S23ultra and get also only 3 columns independent of screen/app resolution. Screenshots are added on Slack.

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Happened for me as well

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for those of us that don’t have access to the slack threads, any indications on if/when more icons might be possible?

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