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Homey 2.0 for phones AND tablets/iPads?

Current version of the Homey app is quite horrible so I’m looking forward to seeing massive improvements. However, is the Homey 2.0 app only for phones still or will it support iPads and tablets?

It better be both as when the PC software is unfortunately trashed, you guys MUST include app support for bigger screens (tablets/iPads) as well. Please confirm this, developers, to show you actually have planned better this time as you only support phones in the current version. Being forced to only use a tiny phone screen is pretty ridicilous so I sincerely hope you have taken the effort to fix this in version 2.0.

I can’t imagine to have to swap from making my flows on the pc to a phone,
imo the screen is just to small for tasks like that so indeed lets hope ipad support is on their list. :crossed_fingers:

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HI Michael did you try it already with the current beta app? I’ve got that app installed for some time now and I almost never make flows on pc since that moment. Also the option to see on device level what flows it is used in is for me the killer feature :slight_smile:

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This discussion has been on the forums many times before. There is no need for , just before 2.0 will be released, asking for this kind of questions. Been discussed before like i said and tablet support will be there in an upcoming update after 2.0. If u think Athom is gonna change 2.0 in the last few weeks before release , plz contact support to ask.
This topic is closed. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me or another moderator.