Homey Flow for Web

Today Athom released Homey Flow for Web for all Homey 2.0 users!

Check it at

Homey Flow for Web is only available on Homey v2.0 and up.

And if it was a reaction on all complaints, the petition or just because it was time for it (And Athom had time for it) after the massive re-design of APIs, programming of the complex Mobile App and re-write of Homey’s firmware… Who cares??? Fact is Athom was faster than the community with releasing it.

And I am impressed! I worked a couple of days with it and reported some bugs, most that are already repaired. It works pretty smooth for me.

To be clear:

  • Homey Flow for Web - is not a replacement for the Mobile App!
  • it Provides Folder/Flow management (Left) and Flow creation/editing.

You still need the Mobile App on Homey v2.0 do do all other necessary things like configuring or removing Apps, updating Homey and Apps, Adding devices and device management etc. etc.

This Topic is to keep the discussion on Homey Flow for Web - App centralized.

Please keep it on topic of Homey Flow for Web (https://flow.homey.app/)

All off-topic reactions (fe about the Web interfaces for the other parts) will de removed.

Reporting Bugs

Athom does not read everything here on the forum and uses a knowledge base on [https://support.athom.com](https://support.athom.com/)

If you cant find your answer there you can send them the support request using the ticket registration system:

Please report the used browser/device and use screenshots of the flows when possible to clarify.

Homey Flow for Web

You can:

  • Add, Rename, Remove and Re-arrange Folders (See inset)
  • Rename, Remove, Re-arrange and enable/disable Flows (See inset)
  • To get an -OR- move a second or later Condition Card somewhat down.
  • To get an -Else- move a second or later Action Card somewhat down.
  • Click on a [Unavailable Card] to see the Code-info (See inset)
  • There is No custom Sorting/Ordening of Folders or Flows!

Everything is tested on most current recent browsers. (Safari, Chrome & Firefox)

Possible Issues

Extensive testing has shown:

  • Moving a card down (-OR- and -Else-) sometimes doesn’t work if you start moving to fast after selecting and holding the card, retry and be patient!
  • Renaming or Removing folders from a touch device in this Web interface is not possible (Use the mobile App)
  • Adding Tokens in fe Text fields adds them to the end, moving them in the text is not possible. Add them in the correct order and type the text in between!
  • Not all browsers work the same, if something does not work test in another browser (eg Chrome instead of Firefox or Opera or Safari or …) and report your browser if something does not work!

Have Phun! and let us know what you think of it here…


love athom and it looks great :sunglasses:

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Hi @Dijker are you sure you can rearrange flows?

I am happy again!

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Thank god! I love it!
If there is one thing i respect its when people/companies have the gut to realize their mistakes and make up for it.
Thank you!


Yep, just pick a Flow or Folder and move it in another Folder.
or move it to the root. to get them out.
Only no Sorting of the flows / Folders. This is alphabetically.
o, And “AATP” comes alphabetically after " Athom" (see The Space?)


Since switching to Homey V2 I am very disappointed with the use and the creation of flows. Since yesterday there is the possibility to create flows via flows.athom.com, but fundamentally there are several negative aspects of usability:

  • Firefox and flows.athom.com can be used to create flows and texts, but predefined values ​​(eg Time) in texts can not be edited afterwards. The text box is dead after adding such a value.

  • Homey V2 App on Android is good to create simple flows, but it is almost impossible to find the correct devices. Neither room data nor location is displayed, only the device name. Entering Texts and adding device values is almost uncomfortable or better said disappointing

  • flows.athom.com also displays only device names, no room data, and no location. Thus, the list behind the “add card” button is a selection of about 100-200 entries. Wow - it’s so great to find the corresponding and wanted device. The search is worthless, because you can only search for device name or the room/floor, but this won’t display all the downlevel rooms. It would be better if you not only had a list, but maybe 2 or 3 with subcategories (one for system, one for devices, divided into rooms, then device, then type of the card). At Homey V1 there were cards that you could change. much better than the solution in Homey V2. Another possibility would be to display the location of the device. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to organize everything in rooms and floors…

  • Mobile first is a good slogan, but for usability it would be great to have a web interface to connect from every device and maybe also an app for android and iphone (the last two things are the only possibility right now). The web interface was one of the reason why I moved from Fibaro HC2, but now, only having the App… I think this was the wrong decision. I believe this was one of the decisions why flows.athom.com was reengineered and recovered from my.athom.com. why are all the other features blown away?


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In Flow for Web can be created a new folder - for sorting the different flows, helpful :wink:

But I cannot move any flow to a new created folder - what I do wrong?
In “Flow for Web” I will get “wrong address”.
In App it is working.

BTW: using Firefox 65.0.1


Can you try it in Chrome?
it works for me in (almost) latest Chrome but I dont have a FireFox here to test …

Firefox 65.0.1:


Chrome working like it should

Moving a flow to a folder, then a sub folder, then back to main all works great for me using Chrome and Edge.

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LOL Nice flow you have there! And great folder and flow names :wink:


Hi. Never managed to use the old website more than a few minutes, but I’ve had the chance to use the new flows.homey.app website quite a bit the last few months. I like it, but it certainly need a few improvements to really beat the phone app. This is my high priority list of items I find critical.

  • The flow folder hierarchy pane on the left side is limiting how much you see of the flow names. This makes it incredibly hard to find the right flow if you have several levels deep of folders and long file names. Please make the left pane re-sizable. You could even increase the width automatically depending on the screen size. There’s no reason to have 1200 pixels for the middle flow pane when it in reality use 150-200 pixels.

  • When editing a flow in the flow website, it’s way to easy to accidentally close the flow editor. This happens regularly when trying to select the text to delete or edit. If you move the mouse outside the flow editor when selecting text, the window closes upon mouse release. This should be prevented, or you could have a workaround by having the first value (string) selected for deletion or editing with keyboard directly. No selecting needed that way, in most cases. If tab also selected this as first selection it would help. But now it selects the flow name first, which is not the best.

  • Searching for a flow is not really possible if you have several folders. The search function hides all other flows, but all the folders are still there. So, you have to click through a lot of folders to finally find one folder with the items you need. This could be solved by either hiding all folders with no content (no search match) and expanding and highlighting flows that have a match, or for example have a popup with all matching flows where you can select the one you need. You could also remove the folders all together during a search and just showing all matching flows. This function of search should also be included in the phone app. Just using lots of folders are not the same, even though it helps.

I hope you have the time to look into it for a newer version. Thanks!

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athom does not read the forums actively. Please send the requests to them using the form on support.athom.com

Merged your post into the existing topic to keep it centralized.
Only then I noticed it was not possible to reply on that original topic as it was moved into Announcements so I cant blame you :wink:
fixed that by moving the complete topic to Ideas & Suggestions as I prefer the interaction above a Announcement.
Sorry for that it was not available for Reply

Like Jeroen says: for improvement suggestions contact Athom (Support) :wink:

For a part of your first issue there are nice workarounds here:

(in case you didn’t know)

Where is the form? After some hard searching (or more like clicking around, because search doen’t work that good on the supportpage) I can find the form to report an issue, but I can’t find the form to report a feature request…

the link is hidden in the article with the strange title:

Submit a support request

Have more questions? Submit a request


That’s the form to submit a support request (error, issue etc), there is an other form to submit a feature request. That second form I can’t find anymore. It was a google-form if I remember it right.

look on the forum in announcements, something with links… search for feature request in it.