From Blog .... web flow .... does not react

Hi There, awesome look like the desktop is back :slight_smile: but unfortunately it does not let me in …
`This is the message’ see screenshot:

it would be awesome when it works…

same here… probably a server overload because( I think) everyone tries to log in at once when they mailed about it… just wait for an hour or so… maybe then it will work.

Same here!Athom_Account

Could log in with my iphone, not tried with my mac

Works for me now.
On a side note - appreciate much more friendlier way to work with flows. Mobile is horrible platform for that.

Ok people not gonna like me, thats ok.

But please dont take it to much personal, because its a general thing.

The web flow editor is online, moderator @Dijker maked to forum topics for questions and discussions… with a lot of info.

In Englisch

And Dutch

But what we do starting just another topic… come on peepzz is so hard to work together and keep the forum clean and not just opening another topic on the same object.

Think about the person after you he also want to find the answers he need. He is using the search option but can not find it because in a week there several topics about it.

We all see this with the precense detection also.

So please use the topics mention for it

And therefor closed.