Find Devices in Flows ( and other feedback

Since switching to Homey V2 I am very disappointed with the use and the creation of flows. Since yesterday there is the possibility to create flows via, but fundamentally there are several negative aspects of usability:

  • Firefox and can be used to create flows and texts, but predefined values ​​(eg Time) in texts can not be edited afterwards. The text box is dead after adding such a value.

  • Homey V2 App on Android is good to create simple flows, but it is almost impossible to find the correct devices. Neither room data nor location is displayed, only the device name. Entering Texts and adding device values is almost uncomfortable or better said disappointing

  • also displays only device names, no room data, and no location. Thus, the list behind the “add card” button is a selection of about 100-200 entries. Wow - it’s so great to find the corresponding and wanted device. The search is worthless, because you can not display all the devices in the room. I’ve tested and you can apparently only search for the device. It would be better if you not only had a list, but maybe 2 or 3 with subcategories (one for system, one for devices, divided into rooms, then device, then type of the card). At Homey V1 there were cards that you could change. much better than the solution in Homey V2. Another possibility would be to display the location of the device. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to organize everything in rooms and floors…

  • Mobile first is a good slogan, but for usability it would be great to have a web interface to connect from every device and maybe also an app for android and iphone (the last two things are the only possibility right now). The web interface was one of the reason why I moved from Fibaro HC2, but now, only having the App… I think this was the wrong decision.

Perhaps I have missed some announcements and perhaps there are already solutions for my currently experienced issues, I would be happy to get some inputs and thoughts.


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