A welcome reappearance of flow website, however there's a few critical things missing

Hi. Never managed to use the old website more than a few minutes, but I’ve had the chance to use the new flows.homey.app website quite a bit the last few months. I like it, but it certainly need a few improvements to really beat the phone app. This is my high priority list of items I find critical.

  • The flow folder hierarchy pane on the left side is limiting how much you see of the flow names. This makes it incredibly hard to find the right flow if you have several levels deep of folders and long file names. Please make the left pane re-sizable. You could even increase the width automatically depending on the screen size. There’s no reason to have 1200 pixels for the middle flow pane when it in reality use 150-200 pixels.

  • When editing a flow in the flow website, it’s way to easy to accidentally close the flow editor. This happens regularly when trying to select the text to delete or edit. If you move the mouse outside the flow editor when selecting text, the window closes upon mouse release. This should be prevented, or you could have a workaround by having the first value (string) selected for deletion or editing with keyboard directly. No selecting needed that way, in most cases. If tab also selected this as first selection it would help. But now it selects the flow name first, which is not the best.

  • Searching for a flow is not really possible if you have several folders. The search function hides all other flows, but all the folders are still there. So, you have to click through a lot of folders to finally find one folder with the items you need. This could be solved by either hiding all folders with no content (no search match) and expanding and highlighting flows that have a match, or for example have a popup with all matching flows where you can select the one you need. You could also remove the folders all together during a search and just showing all matching flows. This function of search should also be included in the phone app. Just using lots of folders are not the same, even though it helps.

I hope you have the time to look into it for a newer version. Thanks!

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