Flow.homey.app redirects to my.homey.app/flows?

Just discovered flow.homey.app redirects to my.homey.app/flows. Is it something that’s going to stay? I actually miss some of the functions from Homey flows web editor which are no longer there (like search through variables and other text inputs through all the flows)…

Yes this will stay.

In the flow page and you click the “variables” at the top of the page there is a very nice search bar, so it isn’t gone, neither in any of the logic flow cards or other things where you can use variables.

Not sure what you mean with this, all text inputs should be available in the “new” gui vs. the old one (more options is more likely in the “new” one)

I meant that in the previous flow editor version the search function allowed to search through all text in the flows (except for tag names if I recall correctly).

This means that searching by flow name would not only give you the respective flow, but also the flows which had the referenced flow in “Start flow” card. When searching by variable name it would give you all of the flows which used / changed the respective variable etc. I cannot find this functionality anymore. Am I missing something or it is not there anymore indeed?