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Desktop App no longer working?


I just updated to 2.0 and I really like it. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

I like the new iOS app as well. However I just realized, that I can no longer use the Windows Desktop app. Besides that I can install the iOS app on my iPad Pro, but it just emulates the iPhone app. Really? Is this really the strategy where Homey is going? I have a little bit of an understanding that it was decided to put “mobile” first, but then it should be done properly. Do you expect, that we click flows together on a 5.8 in screen? Not very consumer friendly. At least provide a state of the art iPad app, emulating it is so far behind.

Thank you for comments on that.



This has been discussed for 1.5 years. So probably athom needs to work on their communication skills if still people don’t know about it…

Enough topics have covered this, and there is even an dedicated topic for this.

Closing this topic for this reason.
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