Access from any desktop (Mac or PC) in 2.0?

I know I was going to lose the Desktop app with version 2.0, but is there any way to access the Homey from a computer?

Over the last year I just kept on losing functionality and stability, for example Woonveilig any Kaku doorbel.
Should I downgrade?

What I didn’t try yet was installing the Homey Gen. 2 app on my iPad, but on the iPad you just get the iPhone app… :weary: They really mean it “phone-only-app”
It’s one giant leap of faith for a “pretty useless” phone-app to “everything can only be done in the” phone-app that you rather not use in the past. First you build trust and than you can takeaway the toys.
For me: An app is a dashboard that exposes information. A dashboard is also doubles as a homescreen. Like the Apple Home, Homewizard, or Domoticz.
make sure you use a android 7 instance…

Downgrading is not possible anymore now that 2.0 is in stable.
Only way for now is indeed Android emulators.

untill athom releases a proper way to enable web api acces (keys) from outside homey, or windows enables the Android app support in windows 10, there will be nothing else then this for desktops.

Trying Bignox now, it seems very slow and laggy. (the whole reason stopped using Android Phones in the first place)
I will try it again later, atm it crashes the Play store over and over.

I’m in a Android free environment, not a hater but everything Apple here.

there is also an browser plugin for chrome to run android apps

Tried that already, not one of my tried apps work. Always “unfortunately xxxx has stopped” so far.
Or there must be more of them, i don’t know.

BlueStacks as Android emulator works with me (Windows 10) and the new Homey app. I do like the app for controlling devices. I don’t like the app for flows. You dont have en decent overall look where al the If, And and Then rules are visible on one screen. Now jou must swipe a lot. I hope ther wil be a desktop version soon with a flow editor that looks a lot like the old desktop version.

I really want the desktop app back for flows and insights. Will resetting Homey bring it back to 1.x?


As per the docs, once yo upgrade to v2, it is not possible to downgrade.

I dont understand. Up un til a couple of days ago I could run Homey from my Mac. Now I can’t. Why? I don’t think I did any upgrades that I know of.

The new app is nice, but when using complex flows i do miss the desktop flow editor. Hope this will return.

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What Homey-version are you on? With 1.5.x you had access through a browser, with 2.0.0 not anymore. But you could only install 2.0.0 in you installed the new app from store and then pressed “update”.

I know about the browser based insights. But they create a new graph for every single item. Without getting into too much detail: I have 10+ temperature sensors. I want them as 10 lines in 1 graph. Not as 10 lines in 10 graphs, that is madness.

On top of that, flows with more than, say, 10 cards are a real hassle to edit on a phone; let alone create a flow. Too many steps, too many clicks, too many screen movements, no overview. The visual presentation of flows in the desktop app was what made Homey so great in the first place.

Anyway, are there any options to go back to 1.5 for the time being? Or is the only resort to buy a new one (old stock) and sell the 2.0 version?


Please excuse my ignorance but how to I tell what version I am on. I’m very new at this.

There is no downgrade from 2.x to 1.x, to much has changed for that.

I my experience with other app-like devices much like the Homey there is a way to repair/restore an older version, for Homey it isn’t well documented (or supported) because you can very easily brick/break your device.

Don’t think about the downgrade, adapt what you have to 2.x and your set.
Disable App and System updates and it’s set en forget.

I’m a moderate fan of Homewizard, it feels basic but it works stable (5+ years no issues) and I think it’s in HTML5 so the App and browser work similarly. This is what I expected from the Homey as well, sadly they think they are Tinder “phone-app-only”.

Did you actively upgrade your phone app? On iPhone you have to install “Homey (Gen. 2)” and when you start the app it will (ask first) upgrade your Homey to 2.0. If you are still using the now called “Homey (Legacy)” and the Homey Desktop App on your computer then you are still on 1.x.

In the Gen. 2 app: More -> Settings -> General & there it saids “Homey version” (2.0.0)
For the dutch version: Meer -> Instellingen -> Algemeen & daar staat dan “Homey versie”

Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll go and buy a new one then.

Hi Daniel,
Yes I think I must have installed version 2 on my IPad and that is why, I gather , I can no longer use Homey on my Mac. Damn, I did prefer to use it on the a Mac. Also now my limited flows that I had don’t seen to be working with Homey(2)

I’m sure there’s an emulator on IOS too, assume works? Still the phone=interface for now but at least on your computer :slight_smile: