Download Homey Desktop App (for mac)

Hi all,
As I’m switching macbooks and maybe soon back to windows, I was hoping to find the download links to the Homey Desktop App so I can re-install it.

I’m still running Homey on 1.5.x (been stable and doing what it needs to do)*
*As I’m a bit afraid of upgrading and having to ‘reconnect’ all the z-wave etcetc devices.

Yes I can also still use the webbrowser, but i like the desktop app :wink:

Cheers, Eric


I am a new user, but I think they canceled the desktop app.
You can edit your flow on but I think you have to upgrade.

Just try it I guess.

Contact Athom support?

Its not working wirh 1.5 so guess time to upgrade

At least for macOS, the app is self-contained so you should be able to just copy it over from the old Macbook to the new one.

Iff you have a mac with M1 processor you can download Ipad & Iphone apps on the mac.