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Homey app on OS X

Hi all,
Just installed my first Homey. From iPhone all is OK. Connected my first devices and all looking nice.
But I also installed the OS X Mojave app on my iMac. This looks like an empty box with only a direction to the IOS APP and some account stuff. Is this normal or not or does it have something to do with V2,0.
From the images I see it looks like you can also work things on your Homey from this app.
I like to play withe the zones and names.
Any input would be welcome.
Thanks, Pascal

Don’t know about OSX and Mojave but there’s two apps:
The Legacy app for Homey’s which are on firmware 1.x which also work though a webinterface and the new app for Homey’s which are on firmware 2.x. For these there’s no webinterface (yet).

Yes, firmware v2.0 doesn’t support the desktop application anymore, you need to use the mobile app to control Homey.