Homey app crashing on M1 Mac running Ventura

Running the Homey iPadOS app on an M1 Mac running macOS Ventura (currently on 13.2.1 but it’s been an issue ever since first upgrading to Ventura). This worked absolutely fine with Monterey, then since upgrading to Ventura the app runs absolutely fine the first time I launch it after a system reboot. After quitting, every subsequent time I launch the app (until the next system reboot) it immediately crashes on launch.

Anyone else seeing this issue or know if there is anything I can do about it?

Just in case you didn’t know. You can browse to:

To control and adjust most of the Homey devices in a webbrowser. I find this much more convenient to use than the app, and most of the options are available.

It worked fine on Ventura for a while, but after some recent update it stopped working for me too. I never bothered to look into it, but I can say that the new app (currently on Testflight) seems to work better.

Thanks both. Yes I’ve been using the web app in the meantime. I find the webapp better for flows and things (obviously needed for advanced flows) but the iPadOS app is better for all the things Athom hasn’t yet got round to building into the web app like energy and settings. I’ll just wait for my HP 2023 to turn up and presumably with that access to the new app since it sounds like it’s working there.