Third-Party Node Module Issue - App Crashing Post Install


I’m currently developing a simple Homey app that integrates a third-party node module. When I run the app in the development phase using the ‘homey app run’ command, everything works perfectly as expected. However, I am encountering an issue when I attempt to install the app for testing purposes using the ‘homey app install’ command - the app consistently crashes.

I’m struggling to identify the root cause of this discrepancy. Given that the app operates smoothly in the development phase but crashes post-installation, I’m unsure of where the problem may lie. Are there specific debugging procedures or logs I could examine to pinpoint what might be causing this?

Additionally, could there be differences between the ‘run’ and ‘install’ stages that might affect the functionality of the third-party module?

Any advice or insights from those who may have encountered similar situations would be immensely valuable.

Thank you in advice

If you’re developing on a HP2023 try homey app run -remote / homey app run -r. Then the apps runs on the Homey Pro itself and not in a docker image.

Thanks, I am now able to see the specific exception causing the crash, which is a massive step forward. Thanks once again for your time and valuable advice.