Homey seems to be offline when running test app

Hello, I am following this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_RUamZzby8 and I have created an app and selected my Homey just fine. But when i try to run my app (homey app run) the error I get is that “Homey Pro (###) seems to be offline”

But I am able to connect to the app via the web UI and my iPhone app so it is definately not offline. What am I missing?

This is the stack trace:

at C:###\npm\node_modules\homey\lib\AthomApi.js:224:17
at async AthomApi.getActiveHomey (C:###\npm\node_modules\homey\lib\AthomApi.js:212:24)
at async App.run (C:###\npm\node_modules\homey\lib\App.js:137:19)
at async exports.handler (C:###\npm\node_modules\homey\bin\cmds\app\run.js:43:5)

Are Homey and Computer in same IP subnet?

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Spot on!

First of all I have an Ethernet Adapter that I had plugged in the wrong way. After that was sorted out I indeed found that my development PC was not on the same subnet as my Homey. After also sorting this out it works flawlessly.

Thank you so much @Dijker.G !