Homey Pro 2019 offline in app but still works

My Homey Pro 2019 suddenly lost connection with the app. I think it started yesterday at 4.00, probably after an automatic reboot or during backup. It shows as offline on both the phone app (iOS) and the browser. But everything else seems to be working fine - motion sensors, automations, etc. I can even control it through my Google speakers.
I’ve tried restarting it several times, recovery mode, unplugged it for about an hour, restarted the router… but nothing helps. Anyone else experienced something similar or knows how to fix this?

Did you try to replace the powerplug 5V min 2A?

Yes I did that quite recently when I had other problems. But this actually seems to be solved by uninstalling and installing the iOS-app. I asked the same question in a facewbook group, and many people seems to have the same experience after the latest update.

I have since ysterday exactly same problems… No connection with app on mobile phones… Hendrik111, is your problem allready solved? txs!

Yes my problem is solved. I reinstalled the app on my phone (iOS) and then it all worked fine again.

I reinstalled mine now too, and it works! TXS!

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