Is it possible to run Node.js apps on the Homey pro?


I’ve just bought a Homey Pro and I’m really happy with it this far. I’m migrating from a raspberry pi running homebridge and is wondering if it is possible to run Node.js apps/scripts containing npm packages on the Homey Pro just like I did on the pi?

I have for example a Node.js webserver running on the raspberry pi which contains a custom built weather website for my iPad and some other scripts too. It would be neat if I could move over all those over to the Homey Pro so I don’t need to have the pi powered on any more.

Do anyone know if that is possible, and in that case how?

Should I enable SSH and install them that way or is it any better way to do it?


Look here for all the information

You can enable the SSH experiment, which is a sort-of Linux distribution running inside a Docker container.

Thanks, solved it!

For anyone else wondering, this link documents it well: