Creating Homey Apps from existing Homebridge Apps

Has anyone done this?

There is a great number of apps available for Homebridge for devices that currently aren’t available for Homey, it looks a similar language/script process.

Wondering if any devs have used a Homebridge app as a basis for a Homey app, am I barking up the wrong tree, is it completely different and easier to start from scratch?

Just if there was any advice on this would be great way of getting more apps on Homey that have already been part coded/discovered on Homebridge.


They do use the same underlying technology (Node.js) but they are wildly different (Homebridge is meant specifically to provide device support over Apple’s HomeKit protocol).

A lot of Homebridge apps use existing lower-level libraries for actual device/service interaction, and those libraries can usually be used in Homey apps as well.

The main issue is mostly the lack of Homey developers.

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Thanks Robert,
I assumed the same - the connection protocol etc I was hoping to borrow for a device where there is already a plug in to avoid having to mess around again. I’ve created a local app, added devices etc but getting it all to work together and finding the time to sit down and work through it is the issue at the minute!

On a separate note also, I noticed you’ve developed a Sonoff app. Have you looked at the NSPanel device they sell, or done anything with this with regards to connectivity with Homey, just bought one to have a play with to see if I could integrate some how, given its a nice looking device with what seems like a lot of possibilities.

No, and I stopped developing the Sonoff app a while ago.