Homebridge 1.0 Homey App


is there a possibility to develop Homebridge 1.0 as an app for Homey? Homeykit is no longer being developed, the Homekit experimental interface of Homey is still very buggy.



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The main feature of Homebridge is that it’s easy to add plugins for device support, which is something that’s not (really) possible on Homey, nor does it make a lot of sense, because Homey apps are the way to integrate device support in Homey.

If there’s a developer that wants to take over development of Homeykit, they’re more than welcome to do so, but so far no luck.

Is it possible to use the mqtt app for homey with the mqtt plugin for Homebridge?

Would it work?


I am not satisfied with the functions of HomeyKit. a question to all who use Homebridge. Can I use homebridge to access homey devices and then display them in the home app? I have lots of virtual thermostats, can I read them with homebridge udn display them in Home?



Sure, you just have to write a Homebridge plugin that uses the Homey Web API.

hello robert,

if only i could :slight_smile:

it’s a pity that you don’t develop homeykit any more, the only thing i’m missing is the possibility to say which device it should be displayed as in the home app, otherwise it’s perfect.