Lackluster amount of apps for Homey Bridge

I’ve recently purchased a Homey Bridge, mostly because the PRO is so expensive.
I’m already almost regretting my purchase, since there is a wide amount of apps only availible for the PRO.

I’m missing Smart Presence, Countdown, Sonoff Zigbee, something as basic as Chromecast (made by Athom), Danfoss (made by Athom) and I would guess a lot of other “official” apps.

It’s so far a bit of a disappointment.
But the things that do work are great and very easy to use.

I know it’s still “Beta” but it’s very lackluster imo.

Depending on what you want to do with sonoff, maybe you can add it as a generic zigbee device, works for me. But indeed ofc I would like to have more apps supported too

Yeah, I was thinking this would be ok to add as a generic device.
Thank you for your reply.