Wow - 2.0 was a major change

Hi Homey community,

I first want to thank the team for such a fantastic product but wow, what a wrong move you took to keep the amateur techie community interested. I know there are a lot of competition now and you need to keep fresh but removing all flexibility from a desktop point of view to modify/install/remove flows, devices etc.

My whole experience is crippled and I’m now looking to migrate from Homey, the value isn’t there anymore. Two steps that made this such a sad experience for me now:

  1. I just received a message to upgrade to 2.0.0 when I used my ios app to check on a few things on my Homey. Didn’t realize the whole experience would change. Give me options and let me decide if I want to change or not, you don’t expect the whole setup to be altered in such a drastic way.

  2. The work this community has made so far is a waste now with guides, demos etc. You basically restarted this community in a way…

I really hope you plan to revert some of the changes and missing features now.


You didn’t have to upgrade? Because there is a upgrade you don’t need to. Also this change has been communicated for over 1.5 years. I have to admit. It could have been done better but still. This change wasn’t something that came out of the blue.

I think that the opposite is true. The community has done a great deal on repairing apps and stuff to make them 2.0 compatible. For some apps that meant that they needed to create a new app (next to the old) and for other apps they could take over and make the needed changes. There is a topic about compatiblity.

could you elaborate which features specificaly. Also Athom does NOT read along on this forum.


I’m really starting to wonder about people… do they actually read ANYTHING?

Posted Juli 2017!! So it’s been known for 1.5 years now.
And now you come here, surprised about this ‘out of the blue’ change? :thinking:

I don’t get it…

And seriously, how many topics like this one have there been now? :roll_eyes:


Thanks Jeroen,

I fully agree, I didn’t have to upgrade but now I did and it was kind of obtrusive. I have auto update on to make the hub secure and operational to the greatest extent. With that I know I have to accept changes that aren’t always what I personally would hope for.

On Community contribution, I believe at least 50 % of the value of Homey comes from the Community. That is why I feel sad when I see posts on Apps describing they way of handling them, i.e. “Manuals” that consist of screenshots, videos now being obsolete.

Moving to iOS and Android only is like saying we now believe Homey is a gen.pop device and most people will only install 5 devices or less. Let’s say you have 50+ devices you need to handle/config. I have less insights to what I can do with devices now than I used to have.

There are many features now lost, you don’t see temperature, humidity, power consumption etc on your tiles in the app. You might disagree and see this as a minor loss in favor of a greater vision but this appreciated feature from my whole family is now lost.

I’ve seen Emile here before, why shouldn’t a very community driven organization keep track of what is happening in the community but I get it, they don’t read offtopic…

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Homey, as far as I know, was never meant to be a pro nerd/geek device in the first place.

Agree on that this is not very intuitive. But they are working on it. What you can do in the meantime is sending a support ticket to Athom ( to let them know this should be changed.

things have changed. They way to communicate with Athom directly is by

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Fact is: if you install the current Homey app on your phone, and your Homey is still running v1.5, you get the message that your Homey needs to be upgraded to v2.0.

Does it state that by doing so, you will lose the desktop environment, get an Insights that will not work with a lot of capabilities, possibly non-functioning apps, and no way to go back to v1.5 once the upgrade has completed?

You can’t expect people to read blog posts, forums or Slack channels before they click the button to upgrade. It should be shown in the app.


Hi Fire69,

To be honest I don’t read anything on the blogs and you dug up an old blog article from 1.5 years ago and say “do people actually read anything?” - this is exactly why this release is a mess “hey, i told you this two years ago why don’t you remember that!” - If I said that to my boss he would say I don’t give s***, you make sure I have understood what changes will come. Known or not I don’t care, don’t force me to upgrade like it’s a small release on my phone, with no option to fall back.

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I fully agree, It should say “WARNING, WARNING: you will lose this and that…” Or even better, let the users go through a training kind of thing before upgrading, so they see what they are getting.

Long-press the tile and everything is there.

I was negative at the beginning as well. But now that I have used the new app for some weeks (jumped on the RC) I must say I like it. There are of course some things to improve but all in all I don’t have any annoying bugs.

I have around 100 flows and like 80-90 devices. No problem at all for me to manage with the app.


I will probably try to accept it as well.

Jorden, yes I know it’s there but it’s not a dashboard then in my view. If I want a quick overview of the temperature in different rooms I now have to go in to each tile and write down the number for an overview. Same goes with Insights, I now have to check each box every time I want to overview the temperature and it’s not in the same graph even thought it’s the same measurement. Good thing I have Grafana + Prometheus.


Why do you install the new app? It’s not shown in the old app that a new one is available.
And only once you install the new app is it shown there is an update for Homey.

So if you install the new app, it must be because you know there is an update for Homey available, and as far as I know you can only know that by… right, reading the mails and blogs :slight_smile:

I dug up specifically that blog to show you that they started talking about it 1.5 years ago.
That is not the only blog nor mail they have sent about this change.

Why do you assume that the old app was installed to begin with? It wasn’t a great app, I don’t use it myself, I use HomeKit.

So when you go and search for the Homey app in the app store, you get “Homey (Gen. 2)” and “Homey (legacy)”. Easy choice, because why would anyone install a legacy app?

And there isn’t any indication in the Gen 2 app description that it will require a firmware upgrade. So, yeah.


Because he said he was using the IOS-app? :wink:

“I just received a message to upgrade to 2.0.0 when I used my ios app”.

That can only have been the Gen 2 app, can’t it?

There is no space for too many different details on the device tile; this would mean they would have to make it bigger, which means less devices on the screen and less overview.

I think someone will make a better dashboard kind of app soon.

The fun fact is.
It is 1.5 year now but in that time everyone said:
Dont skip the desktop part!! some flows are to complex for an mobile phone screen…

and they did it :slight_smile:
I also upgraded and after a lot of work arounds and other ways to approach my goal…
It is starting to work again like it did on the 1.5.

But after all the work i spent to make it all work on V1.5
I did read the Bible backwards after my upgrade to V2.0

I hoped with the upgrade that my range with zwave and zigbee became even better and that i had more options to tune there. (to bad)

I don’t remember, very possible so. But if the old app says “Homey (Legacy)” what would you do? I just downloaded the new version (still on my phone), logged in and updated because it asked me to update.

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It would be nice if they would give a user an option to specifiy which device specific info they want to have included in the tile. In the old old app this info was also part of the device row. I know they want to have multiple devices on the home screen and therefore there is less space but still if I look at the various screenshots I see a lot of white in the tiles.