Wow - 2.0 was a major change

Why not make a proper homekit copy Why not have the possibility to add any capability as it’s own tile with it’s own info?


I never got a mail or newsletter or whatsoever about 2.0. Nothing directly addressed to ME. I had to read about it myself on the forum because i came here because i had a problem.
Is it that hard to understand that not all ppl who buy this thing are geeks like you (and me) wandering daily on a non official community to get important info?

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:stuck_out_tongue: we are the official community here :stuck_out_tongue:

If you never got a mail, I guess you opted-out for them.
IMO you can’t blame Athom then if you weren’t informed…

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Yeah. Keep saying that. Maybe i will start to believe it in the future.

Like more ppl say, there SHOULD have been a big warning sign with the update message. If they do this in the States, they are likely to get sewed and go bankrupt over the first fine they will get.

Again: if you set this thing in the market as a state of the art CONSUMER device, don’t expect that all buyers are geeks and look for information everywhere but the most expected places. Inform them pro-actively. You are obliged to if you value your reputation and want to have faith from current and future buyers.


Hi Christian
I took the plunge and upgraded to version 2 and regret it. I protested in the wrong place and was told I was whining. Lets be clear about mobiles, the are that for use outside the home, why because even though I have Iphone 7 plus , looking at a small screen with my old eyes is not a pleasant experience. Ah I thought, lets try my ipad again disappointment it’s portrait only. In most home theses days there are hugh tv screens, hugh monitors. Why should I sit in my home looking at a small screen. I have on old anroid tablet , that with a app that forces the screen to rotate ( although the aspect ratio is not perfect) I now have a usable front end. As a business systems developer, I know you are judged on the UI not the technology behind it. So Athom can make some changes I am sure, before they go in solvent


Would still use my Homey if they wouldn’t have trashed a perfectly fine Desktop UI but I’ve already made the switch and will go HomeAssistant with Telldus V2, maybe a dedicated Zwave device but I haven’t decided yet. Much more work I know but I only expect to set it up once and I will learn a lot along the way.


I don’t even own a smartphone. My wife has one (which I used when I originally installed Homey), but other than that, I never needed a smartphone for Homey… until now. Everything I wanted to do, I could do in the desktop app, or on the web page. Now, if I upgrade to 2.0, I can’t do anything with my Homey anymore without a smartphone.
So no, I’m not upgrading until the app is also available for Windows (then I can install it on Windows 10 and use it again from my computer)
Given the speed at which Athom has been able to implement the features that are useful to me, this probably means I will be using my Homey even less in the next couple of years (maybe even decennia?)… a lot of the functionality for which I originally bought my Homey and that they originally advertised during their crowdfunding campaign, has never worked for me, or has now been disabled, and with so many developers moving to 2.0, I assume that the few apps that I do still use, will also stop working soon).

I (and several others) already complained about the smartphone-only plans 2 years ago when they were first announced, but Athom has decided to simply ignore all those complaints, and only focus on that group of people who were/are positive about the move. So I’ll probably use Homey for a little while longer, then put it back into its box, and then I’ll check back here in a year or two, to see if anything that’s useful to me, has happened.


I believe that not having a desktop app, or browser function is BY FAR the most heared complaint , for alsmost 2 years now.
I honestly can’t wrap my mind around why Athom is so reluctant to put this funtionality into Homey 2.0.


Relatively new to the Homey as i bought it as a Christmas gift to myself. Impressed in the beginning with all the options but struggled a lot to get my flows working. After my buddy (Who recommended the Homey in the first place to me) told me that it was much easier in v2.0 did i jump on the upgrade. I was well informed that the desktop app would not work anymore but as i newer liked it in the first place didn’t i bother that much about that. Very impressed in the beginning with v2.0 as i found all the stuff i had struggled with and got it all working. But in my opinion the phone screen is far to small (Samsung S8) and i had seen that there was a iOS app so i fetched my iPad and thought that would solve my size issue. Well, think again!! The iOS app is a phone app only so when running it on a iPad you get the layout as it would have been a phone screen. Yes i know, you can push the magnification button and get it bigger but to be honest-it looks like crap and don’t solve my issue with the amount of info on the screen. So here i am, happy with the upgrade as i got the functions working as i wanted in the flows but really disappointed with the GUI of the app!! Does the developers of this only have 1 device and 1 flow or are they scroll fanatics? They cant have put it through a usability test at least. And why not develop a app for Windows? You do know they have a store as well if that is the carrot you where seeking by going phone app only? I hope and wait for the update that gives us a iOS app for iPad and hope to see an app in Windows Store soon also. If you do this you have a killer product. As of now, not so much.
I have read all the comments above and know Athom dosent read this forum so i will send my comment to support also.

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Love the update.
What i am missing is:
Or possibilities in the flow
As well as the possibilities to stop a flow with another.
E.g. I have a flow that turns of the lights after 5 minutes when motion detector goes out.
but I want to stop that flow/ intterupt it if within those 5 minutes motion is detected again

could this please be added.
Would make it way more easy to build great flows

There is a or option in the flows? It’s in the and column. You have to move a card in that section and the or will be visible.

You can’t stop flows at the moment.

Make an extra card and drag that card to the bottom. The “or” card is born!
Same goes for the “else” card.

There’s multiple countdown-apps but Timer App for Homey | Homey might be the easiest?

Thanks for your feedback. How should i Stop an already started flow with the count down app.
What i want in the end is the following:

  • If my motion detector goes off
  • Then turn off lights x, y, z in 5 minutes
    the same motion detector detects motion in those 5 minutes that it is counting down

thanks but a second and card isnt an or card right? then it goes
If x
and y card
and z card
then a

Did u drag it down to the bottom?
Like click and hold and drag down?

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That’s not possible… Did you look at the app I linked?

Maybe take a look here.

Nope. If you drag it in the ‘and’ column you will see a ‘or’ header somewhere. If you drag it under there it will be a ‘or’ statement.