How many of you are updating to 2.0? What do you gain?

I just saw 2.0 was pushed out officially.

I’m wondering whether to update. Normally I am the tinker
type person but I just got Homey 6 months ago and
almost everything is working so I rather not break stuff.
Plus my wife uses it…

I’m trying to figure out what advantages 2.0 has over 1.5.
Is it just the much improved app?

App is nice and all but in return you lose the desktop app.

Doesnt seem a lot of incentive to update particularly if
it run risks of breaking apps and bugs.

Am I missing something?

edit I also see insights can be stored more than 1 year.
Two more logic cards , that’s it?

Create variables that takes place of better logic app?

for me, the user experience is already a lot better than the old app (ios).
in the old app, most of the time i had to guess which device was which because the names/pics were blurred out. It feels more responsive as well. i’m happy at the moment.

yeah the “legacy” app loads slow.

Any screenshots of app?

is there a list of homey apps known to be compatible?

Just seen it’s out too (coincided with me getting android Pie too!)

Is there a list of apps etc that are marked as non-working?

I can’t risk an update and things stop working, wife would go off smart home all together!


There you can find the (in)compatible apps…

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Know what you mean my wife also uses the device like a pro…
homeydash on 3 tablets trough the house.
talking to the tablet because trough the app speech is working perfect.

also wondering if there is done something with the zwave en zigbee signal strength.

i think i wait a little while till hotfix 1 XD

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it seems homey dash isnt working on 2.0?

Upgraded to v2.0. Have some minor issues. Nothing major so far. I have a couple of aeotec sensors that dont want to cancel motion alarm state in the android app after 4 minutes for some reason.

I just now did the update, the app looks a bit better and you now can configure (some) things on the phone app. But lost the Desktop app, as advertised, and with it a lot of functionality. It’s now all cramped into the phone app.

I wouldn’t recommend to upgrade if you’re looking for functionality.
Right now I’m searching for a way to configure the Homey from a Mac or PC, it doesn’t seem to be there.

If you ask me: more loss than gain


Bluestacks or other android emulator would be my workaround :frowning: but true working on a big screen with difficult flows is a lot better then on a mobile phone.

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im affraid so. maybe wait till all developers update there apps now the stable version is here

IT looks like the signal strength is better, Kaku, Z-wave works for the moment fine and performs better

Why seems it worked for everyone here and all I got after the update is a red ring? Am I the only one?

Ups!!! Made the update to 2.0. Didn’t see that the desktop version no longer was supported.
Big mistake… :confounded:


Yeah, this is somewhat of a dealbreaker for me as well. Working with multiple flows and more complex flows isn´t really suited for a small screen. It works perfectly for controlling devices and get a glance of the current status though (the new app is a big improvement).

Actually thinking of migrating to another controller due to this.


Thank God I still have Fibaro running

Please keep this topic on topic.
The main question is what to gain, not what to loose as we don’t need another topic about losing the desktop part (there is a dedicated topic for that).

All posts after this one that is not on topic will be removed without notice.

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The old app wasn’t an App really… it’s been something nerdy, pretty ugly and barely usable.
So we gain: An app. Finally.
And … hum… I don’t know …
maybe we gain the experience that Homey cannot be what it once was supposed to be ?


Quicker updates to home firmware and quicker updates to the app. (supposedly)

I can confirm that the RC updates were very fast paced as were fixes to the app, at times each on alternating days.

I just did the upgrade seeing this is stable release. My bad. TP-Link not working at all and Heatmiser app throwing errors. Also no Windows app available which only leaves you with the iPhone/Android app. Creating flows on my iPhone is a pain in the back side that way.