Homey V2, and New Mobile app

My suggestion would be to have some king of Upgrade to v2 Guide/FAQ, updating firmware, how about all the existing flows…It would be nice to collect all this into guide of sorts.

I know, I know, there are quite some blog posts out there, where the guys from Homey are giving us some insights into their plans, and at least speaking for myself- looking forward to the new version, it looks super nice and fancy.


I doubt it, im beginning to be very disapointed with the support,

Was leaving this topic open but as it’s gonna be a whining topic am gonna close it anyway.
Suggestions can be made atHomey’s GitHub page.
Because this is a community forum and Athom is not reading along all the time the best place to add suggestions is GitHub.
If u have any problems with closing this topic , plz feel free to contact me.