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No homey since 2 weeks in stock in the online shop. Should we think? For months waiting for App 2.0. No numbers about the proliferation of hardware, least to dispel some concerns. Community seems to have very few users (seen from the views), little hardware sales? I’ve been watching this for some time and would like to buy a device, but I think it’s going to be like some Kickstarter companies.

I would think then, damm the sales are sky high, and the factory cant produce thats much to keep up with the sales. :wink:

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And what’s the question? If this is gonna be another whining topic am gonna close it. Don’t have any problems with discussions, have problems with whining topics just because we can.

Here’s an answer from Athom:


Thank you for your e-mail.

We hope to be back in stock by the end of december.

Best regards,


Athom, the creators of Homey

You can close it, because there must be no discussion. free opinion ? apparently not here. (is only complaining)

Not true as stated in my post above.
U have made ur opinion clear me guess. There is not much room for discussion here.

Looks like it yes. No questions asked (besides “What’s up” ) and just some opinions ventilated.
This is closed for above reasons. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me.